Serious Injury

The tragic consequence of catastrophic injury can happen due to many different events including medical negligence, unsafe construction and workplace conditions, tractor trailer and motor vehicle collisions, defective premises liability.? Since these cases typically involve large insurance companies and corporations, oftentimes the ?unfair acts and practices on the part of insurance companies in handling the claims develops as the basis for related claims.

Our firm has successfully handled cases involving traumatic brain injury, failure to diagnose cancer, failure to diagnose and treat impending strokes, spinal fractures and spinal surgeries, hospital acquired infections, asphyxiation and death from chemical exposure, and many others.

These injuries can be devastating to you and your family and result in substantial medical expenses and time out of work which require us to deal with different insurance corporations on your behalf. They involve litigation and trial of Superior Court and District court civil damage claims for compensation, as well as claims for Workers Compensation benefits, Social Security Disability benefits, long term disability, and unemployment benefits. Many of these cases result in proceedings in several different forums arising from the same injury. If you are injured on a construction site or operating a truck or motor vehicle while you are working, for example, you may have claims for damages in the courts, Workers Compensation benefits and Social Security Disability benefits.

Tragically, catastrophic injuries can result in death, which raise issues of probate and estate challenges. We stay on top of the ever changing areas of the law so as to maximize your compensation and resolve these issues. Our full service legal team has successfully handled these related matters over the past 30 years.

Typically, these cases are medically and legally complex. They involve dealing with accident reconstruction expert witnesses, safety expert witnesses, and medical expert witnesses.? Due to our years of experience with serious injury cases, we have developed the expertise to recognize and coordinate overlapping legal rights in order to maximize recovery for our clients.? Moreover, there are ever changing important insurance, Medicare, Mass Health lien reimbursement issues, and Social Security offset requirements that we successfully handle as part of the representation of our clients.

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